Ronnie Genotti


After the daily spew of marketing-speak, words have come to nauseate me. They have agendas, nuances, and shades. Even among friends and allies, what we hear is not exactly what was intended.

I try to create art that short-circuits defective linguistic processes and instead transmits an experience entirely: to be grokked wholly, honestly, instantly, and precisely. The themes I explore might be parochial--religion, bullying, isolation, AIDS--but the emotional impacts and responses are universal. You don't have to feel what I'm feeling when I paint but (I hope) you'll feel precisely what you're feeling.

On a "making" level, I'm interested as much in the technical process of making art as the narrative result, and especially how (or if) the output can achieve the gestalt I'm looking for when I'm focusing solely on the inputs. That duality is an endless source of fascination to me.


San Francisco Art Institute
UC Berkeley Art Extension Program

University of Michigan BA


Dwell, private residence in Woodside, May 2020

LUXE, private residence in Woodside, November 2019

Interiors, private residence in San Francisco, November 2019

Interiors, private residence in San Francisco, July 2019

PALM magazine, private residences in Honolulu, December 2018

LUXE, private residence in Hillsborough, December 2017

40 Years of Fabulous, The Kips Bay Decorator Show House, by Steven Stolman, April 2015

C Magazine, Hotel Paradox, Santa Cruz, April 2013
Interiors magazine, private residence in San Francisco, August-September 2010


San Francisco Art Institute, Juried Exhibition 2016
Group shows, Berkeley Extension

San Francisco Open Studios



Various private collections

ODADA, San Francisco

Paradox Hotel, Santa Cruz

Park Lane, Honolulu

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